Scissorfight is the leading speed doom band in the world. Despite the lack of an official “speed doom” category on Wikipedia, Scissorfight is undeterred in their pursuit of heavy grooves and riffs. Originating from the northern New England wilderness, the band is dedicated to delivering powerful and intense music.

The current line-up features Doug Aubin on vocals, Rick “Stixxx” Orcutt on drums, Paul “Jarvis” Jarvis on bass, and Jay “Octocock” Fortin on guitar. Scissorfight has an extensive discography, including their most recent album “Doomus Abruptus, vol. 1,” which received critical acclaim. The band is known for their unique blend of speed doom, construction metal, nuisance metal, blackish metal, and potcore.

Scissorfight’s live shows are a wild and energetic experience, featuring a mix of riffs, volume, and beer. Other antics may also occur, but the one thing you can count on is a good time. Please be sure to enjoy Scissorfight’s music responsibly, with the right amount of alcohol, pot, and high volume.