Scissorfight is the worlds premier speed doom band. Although “speed doom” is not officially a category yet on wikipedia, Scissorfight does not care!
Hailing from the darkest depths of the northern New England woods, scissorfight exist to lay down the heaviest of grooves, riffs and volumes. Scissorfight has been around for hundreds of years in different formations. It’s current and sexiest line up includes Doug Aubin on vocalizations, rick “stixxx” Orcutt on thunder tubs, Paul “jarvis” jarvis on the lowest of strings and jay “octocock?’ Fortin on the higher six stringer. Scissorfight has released a lot of music over the years, the most recent being the much celebrated and ballyhooed “Doomus Abruptus, vol. 1. A crusher of an album. Said to be leading the charge in construction metal, speed doom, nuisance metal, blackish {more dark brown} metal and of course potcore, they fly these freak flags with aplomb!  Scissorfight live shows are a mix of riffs, volume and beer. Possibly hay. Other antics may also ensue. Also fun. Please enjoy scissorfight responsibly with much alcohol, pot and maximum volume.